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    tangshan jinnuo network technology co., ltd

    corporate culture

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    • time:2021.01.11.07:18

    Information details:

    the company has more than 300 employees, excellent management team, perfect management system, and more than 10 core technology innovation and product research and development every year. the patent achievements increase year by year, which promotes the rapid development of the enterprise. at present, it has obtained iso9001:2008 quality system certification, fsc certification, japanese jis certification and european product quality certification. products are exported to the united states, germany, japan, australia, the united kingdom, switzerland, south korea and other countries, and stand firmly in the european, american and middle east markets.


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    title:company profile

    introduce: tangshan tiankun metal tool manufacturing co., ltd. is located in luannan county, tangshan city, hebei province, china, on the beautiful coast of the bohai sea. the two ports of tangshan, caofeidian and jingtang port, are the important ports in northern china. tangshan is adjacent to the two major cities of beijing and tianjin, 192 kilometers away from beijing and 70 kilometers away from tianjin binhai new area. it is located in the one hour economic circle of beijing tianjin hebei, and is the first choice for convenient transportation 。 luannan, hebei province is the production base of steel spades in china. its products are exported to europe, america and other dozens of countries. tangshan tiankun mainly produces steel spades, aluminum spades, steel forks, steel pickaxes and hardware garden tools, more than 500 varieties, registered brands buffalo and benpai, with an annual output of more than 9 million pieces and an output value of more than 10 million us dollars. company address: along the trunk road, songdaokou town, luannan county, tangshan city.

    title:production equipment

    introduce:the company has advanced production equipment and technology, punching line, efficiency of the industry&#039;s leading ceramic tube drive gas furnace, workpiece heat quenching process. reciprocating air assisted electrostatic spray gun automatic spraying equipment, spraying, paint selection of advanced gas oven drying curing, transmission cooling process. wooden handle processing, assembly and production of one-stop mechanization degree of 100%. standardized steel spade testing equipment and quality control system, the quality reaches and exceeds the national industry standards, and enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.

    title:management idea

    introduce:our business philosophy: the pursuit of perfection, with technology to develop the market, with management to create efficiency, with service to establish an image. all staff of the company adhere to the principle that products are equal to character, do a good job in products that customers and consumers can rest assured of, and sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to discuss cooperation and seek common development.
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